Saturday, 2 March 2013

Here comes the rain again

If you're a regular on SL Flickr, you can barely miss it: 2304 Rain. This build on the Sankt Moritz sim is  - as the name tells - covered by rain. Quite unique in SL, so every flickrite runs there. And I'm sorry, I couldn't resist either.

You'd better wear wellingtons and bring an umbrella when you visit the place, because it's raining indeed. Not just a little drizzle, no. It's raining cats and dogs and it looks like it has been like this for weeks at least.

2304 Rain

2304 Rain - Huginn and Muninn

The grey sky with fast moving clouds takes away every colour. Together with the constant noise of heavy rain it feels like watching an old black and white tv screen.
There's only one spot where it's not raining: near the stairs into the sky. The sudden silence around them is eerie though.

2304 Rain - Stairway to Heaven

Unfortunately the stairs won't save you from this monochrome world. The only thing that provides some colour in this place is an occasional umbrella.

2304 Rain - Red

2304 Rain - Blue

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