Monday, 25 February 2013

Imogen and the Pigeons

The names of the Immersiva sim and artist Bryn Oh don't need an introduction. When I used to be more active on Flickr a couple of years ago,  I saw a lot of beautiful images of Immersiva, but I never visited the sim inworld *blush*.

So when I noticed the other day that a new installation by Bryn Oh was announced in the Destination Guide, I didn't hesitate: go! It was the title in particular that triggered me: 'Imogen and the Pigeons'. Sounds like a story!

On arrival you find yourself in a desolate landscape.


Immersiva - Spiraling up

The landscape seems to be illustrative for Imogen's state of mind. You'll find her after a challenging climb, in a room of a psychiatric hospital.
Through short poems in every room the story eventually unfolds. Imogen dreams of escaping and wishes she could fly away with her friends, the pigeons.

Immersiva - pigeons


While proceeding through the building, you follow Imogen on her quest for freedom. Sometimes you'll find the world turned upside down - literally - and you'll visit strange rooms, like this Beauty Salon:

Immersiva - Beauty Salon

I won't give away the details here, but at the end Imogen finds the freedom that she's searching for.


During my first visit I didn't click the butterfly from the picture above and  thus missed an amusing end scene. Further I managed to get through the complex building of 'Imogen and the Pigeons' without any problems. On her blog, Bryn Oh gives some tips for controlling your movements.

'Imogen and the Pigeons' was good enough to keep me occupied for a whole evening. Bryn Oh knows how to combine words, sounds, image and interactive elements to immerse you into a different world. That's SecondLife on its best.

Not able to visit Immersiva right now? Then enjoy the trailer at least:

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