Tuesday, 12 March 2013


Last week we had two days of marvellous spring weather, but yesterday winter returned. An icy wind with an occasional snow flake was blowing around the house, when I saw this picture and thought: "That's where I want to be! Spring!" And I teleported to Cherry Blossom.

It's just a quarter sim, home of Qbee skins and shapes and... packed with flowers. Seriously. The frame rate dropped drastically, but the first impression was worth it:

@Cherry Blossom - Spring!

Flowers and colours everywhere! I know, maybe it's a bit over the top, but today this is exactly what I needed.
Everything in this little corner of SecondLife is so fresh and bright, it's like sunshine coming through your  screen.

@Cherry Blossom - sunshine

The whole place is decorated with love for detail and without fear of bright colours. A corner like this one makes me long for my own garden:

@Cherry Blossom - Flowers Everywhere

But right now it's still cold and grey outside, so for the time being I can only dream away with the pictures that I took of this lovely place.

More pics of Cherry Blossom on my Flickr stream
Or visit Cherry Blossom in SecondLife

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