Monday, 18 February 2013

Coastal Waterways - from West to East

A couple of months ago the time had come to move house again. Ugly building in my old neighbourhood had increased to an unbearable level and besides that, eventually the wish was born to be able to moor a boat and sail to Blake Sea.

After ample investigation I found a mainland spot that satisfied all my requirements: not too big and not too small, waterfront, relatively affordable, protected coastline and possibility to sail to Blake. That is... in theory. In practice I crash before I'm halfway.

But who cares, when the Coastal Waterways have their own attractions, as I discovered lately?
I'm living on the far West end, on a sim called Wildspitze,  and on my struggle to sail against the default East wind into the direction of Blake, I've found some small but pretty islands, apparently built by the Linden Moles.

You can reach them with your own boat, but unfortunately there are only few rez zones. As an alternative, there's a 'guided tour',  a tiny pod that automatically sails along the islands. The first spot where it starts once in a while (I think every 30 minutes), is on Duna.

First stop after Duna is Redoubtable, with a lovely lighthouse on a rock.

Coastal Waterway - Redoubtable

The journey continues to a cluster of islands on Intrepide, called the 'Tiny Isle of Mist". Who ever played the game Myst, will find some familiar objects here. And indeed, there is a small quest on this mysterious island!

Coastal Waterway - Intrepide

It won't take much time to solve the mystery and then you can sail on to Brillant and have a peek at the Fairy Cove that's hidden there.

Coastal Waterway - Brillant

Last stop before heading North is an island on Genereux, with a very particular village, where tilted vases seem to be the houses for some tiny folk.

Coastal Waterway - Genereux

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