Saturday, 20 April 2013

The Legion Project

The Legion Project is a nice hangout that opened not long ago. It's just a quarter sim, but looks much bigger due to the use of off-sim elements and different levels in the landscape. The quiet streets surrounded by high mountain peaks and pine trees remind me distantly of Twin Peaks.

I couldn't find much information about the project, nor a program - maybe I missed a sign somewhere - but this is what the destination guide tells about the place:
The Legion Project was carefully created for you to hang out, enjoy some music, play your tunes and take amazing pictures. Designed for those who want to spin and party without being added to a staff or hired at a club, the Legion provides open streams and two different stages for your musical enjoyment. All are welcome. 

The first stage is right at the landing point, near the water, with rugs in the grass to sit and listen to the music and  a retro bar for your convenience.

The Legion Project - The Bar

The other stage is at the end of a short street with a handful of small shops.

Scattered around the place are seats, where you can hangout with your friends or simply enjoy the beautiful nature. One of the terraces in the landscape habits a gypsy field:

The Legion Project - Gypsy Field

The creators seem to have a thing with religion - or actually not - regarding a sign saying 'religion free zone' and a street with two abandoned churches.

The Legion Project - Church Door

The Legion Project - Sacred Space

The Legion is a nice corner of the Port Said sim. It is attractive for photographers and invites to stay for a while. The only thing that I missed was an easy way to walk from one level to the other: once I disappeared between the terraces and I was glad that I had 'double click to teleport' activated in my viewer.

Here's your taxi to visit the Legion Project.

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